What is DIAgate?

DIAgate = Dialogue + Gate

Open a gate to have a dialogue with Japanese manufacturers.

Our vision is to create a global business relationship of Japanese manufacturing SME’s with foreign companies.

When you hear Japanese makers, it might remind you of TOYOTA or SONY, big manufacturers. There are more than 3.5 million companies in Japan and 99.7% of them are SMEs. However, the percentage of SMEs that are dealing with foreign businesses is only 3.5% and you rarely know what the SMEs are doing. They are attempting to make themselves different from technology, strategy, and ethic.

Therefore, we will publicize their activities conducted through the interview and make a database wherein you can look for companies that are interested in dealing with foreign companies.

What is DIAgate?

How to use DIAgate?

To contact companies listed in DIAgate.

You can contact the companies directly from the story, directory or business matching. Also, if you contact us, we will coordinate you and the company to make a business relationship.

To use an interview article on your website.

You can use any of the articles from the interview of the story on your website. You may reproduce and cite it.

To offer us to write another article related to Japanese manufacturing SMEs.

You can offer us to write another article for your websites or magazines.Please learn more from here.

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