What is Diagate?

DIAgate brings out Japanese SMEs' technology in the world.

DIAgate aims to become a web platforms that enable all the people around the world to use the technologies of the Japanese small and medium manufacturing industry. we have 3 topics and these are medical, natural disaster prevention and niche processing techniques.

Japanese SMEs are typically introducing their products and techniques only in Japanese. So we will interview and show them in English in DIAgate to make them available to everyone in the world.

We are looking for media companies who have the same vision which wants to help people by spreading medical and disaster prevention information globally.

What is DIAgate

Why DIAgate?

We are Web production company, Web Rocket in Japan.

Web Rocket

Many of our customers are Japanese manufacturing SMEs and we usually create websites only in Japanese. This is because most customers believe that having only Japanese version of their website is enough. 97 percent of Japanese SMEs are only dealing with Japanese customers.

97 percent of Japanese SMEs are only dealing with Japanese customers

Nevertheless, we wanted to demonstrate to the world on the technologies of the Japanese manufacturing SMEs. There is few technologies in a single factory, but there is a culture in Japan in which factories with unique technologies work together to create a product. We want to make the technology and the culture available to the people around the world. By doing so, it is possible for Japanese SMEs together with us to help realize the needs of the people who have the idea of manufacturing.


How DIAgate works?

Translate and post Japanese manufacturing SMEs' press releases in English

Translate and post Japanese manufacturing SMEs' press releases in English for free

To begin with, what we want to do with DIAgate is to collect information from Japanese manufacturing SMEs which want to send information to the world. For this reason, we accept press releases from Japanese manufacturing SMEs for free. We will translate them into English and distribute them in DIAgate. Information previously available only in Japanese, such as new product information, new technical information, and event information, are provided in English.

We will figure out the most unique feature from the company and interview them to compose an article in English.

We will interview Japanese manufacturing SMEs and figure out which is the most unique and interesting feature that the company has. Then we will write articles including photos and videos in English to make it available for everyone around the world to browse. At the moment, this pieces of information are normally published only in Japanese.

Interpreting and distributing local manufacturing exhibitions and events in English

News about annual major exhibitions in Japan are released around the world in various languages. However small manufacturing exhibitions and events are only released in Japanese sometimes not even featured on local media. It's also not released in neighboring prefectures. These niche information will be revealed by us by interviewing and translating using the DIAgate. In the future, we would like to plan events like factory tour with people in media around the world.

Collaboration with manufacturing medias around the world.

We will tie up with manufacturers worldwide so that they can use the DIAgate articles free of charge. We will provide several tie-up activities that will allow individual media companies to use DIAgate articles in their media. They can also use RSS of DIAgate in their website as a part of their contents about the Japanese manufacturing industry. In the future, we hope to be working with media companies globally to plan manufactured-related events.