Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2019 - Introducing some companies.

The Tokyo International Industry Exhibition is one of the largest trade shows in Japan featuring Japanese SMEs annually. Around 700-800 SMEs, mainly manufacturing companies from various fields such as machinery/metal, information, environment, medical/welfare, gather to demonstrate their technology.

In 2019, it was held at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall A / B Hall.
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Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall

In this event report, let us introduce some of our friends who are Japanese manufacturing SMEs to you.

Mold building and Manufacturing support - DayTech Corporation

Plastic injection mold and mold building, Hachioji, Tokyo,

We support a small amount of 'Mass-production' to meet with the needs of R&D companies. To that end, we will consistently handle mold building, prototype, injection molding, and mass production in our own factory. Even for products with complex shapes, we can make molds that are compact and inexpensive by making use of our know-how in mold production such as placing pieces.

Haruyo Ono
DayTech has the great idea of mold building according to customer needs. By utilizing a piece insertion method, it is possible to develop molds with reduced costs even for complex shape, and can respond to shape changes.
Colorful resin screws / plastic screws

Self-developed resin screw. The color is beautiful and accented and will be sold directly from the factory.

Mizuho Phantom Factory Representative - T&I Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Mizuho Phantom, Mizuho Town, Tokyo

Mizuho Phantom, Mizuho Town's manufacturing network located in western Tokyo. About 50 companies, including mechanical design, product design, and processing factories, cooperate to support product development. We, TI&I, the representative of the Mizuho Phantom, is a design company including mechanical design and electrical design.

Haruyo Ono
TI&I is unique in that they have their own processing factory network and know well the processing technology of each factory then conduct design work. They take advantage of the knowledge to create a mechanical design so that they can create products at a lower price and at the same time with unique features. It would become a marketing feature of the product.
LED light that can turn in some other direction

Self-developed LED light. The neck of the light moves up, down, left and right, and the light can be adjusted in two stages.

Value Engineering for metal processing - Narahara Auto Technical Co., Ltd.

Aluminum cutting, aluminum plate processing, Narahara Auto Technical Co., Ltd.

We do mechanical design and machining for developing equipment and parts processing for the field of optical equipment, semiconductor and so on. Utilizing the design ability to create equipment from scratch, we also propose value engineering and supply cost-optimized parts. We are also working on factory direct sales aluminum breadboard and our own brand「NA」design.

Haruyo Ono
They not only process parts based on the specification, but also propose VE to create more value for the customer. High quality with high price is not always the right decision, right? They propose an optimized cost. Their communication ability is wonderful.
Factory brand, 「NA」design carbon card case

「NA」design card case like a sports item made of CFRP carbon material.

Mechanical Engineering Design Professionals - Fortech Co., Ltd.

Fortec Co., Ltd., a machine design engineering company in Higashi-yamato, Tokyo

The owner is 30 years of mechanical design expert. They meet the product development needs of not only manufacturers but also non-manufacturers such as construction and civil engineering industries. In particular, they provide ideas for companies that want to make equipment and tools to solve the growing labor shortage and contribute to improving work efficiency and standardization.

Haruyo Ono
Fortec uses many years of mechanical design experience to support non-manufacturer's own product development. They go to the work site, analyze the work process with the person in charge, and support the development of tools and equipment that allow one person to do the work that had been done by two persons.

Interview is here. Mechanical engineering design that can provide ideas for non-manufacturers

Burnable plastic – SANKOH denki Co., Ltd.

Burnable plastic

SANKOH Denki, engaged in plastic injection molding, is developing “burnable plastic” products that meet the recent demand for plastic problems. Thermal recycling accounts for the majority of plastic reuse in Japan. This product contains 51% or more of paper powder and does not generate dioxin & toxic gas even if burned. Like plastic, various shapes are possible.

Haruyo Ono
Representative Mr.Kondo is an idea man. He has developed a molding method for plastic materials containing more than 51% paper powder. It can be molded in the same way as plastic products. It's also a good idea to carry my straw in addition to my chopsticks!
Burnable plastic my straw

Compact my straw. This can be used repeatedly and when you throw it away, it is “flammable garbage”.

Parts processing with metallic beauty - Kurihara Seiki Co., Ltd.

Metal processing in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Kurihara Seiki

They propose mechanical processing utilizing value engineering based on their design ability for the industrial and medical fields. They are also good at processing parts that are required beauty of the texture of the metal for the toy industry. On the other hand, they organize MAKERS LINK, manufacturing social gathering, and about 1500 participants are there.

Haruyo Ono
I think Mr.Kurihara is a person who enjoys challenges. He is also a communicator that connects many people in manufacturing, and new projects are created by the connection. This flexibility and acceptance of new ideas have led to the ability to make proposals to customers.
Tire wheel metal processed products. The beauty of appearance is also important.

Tire wheel. These parts require the beauty and accuracy of detail at the same time.

3D printer Instructor - APISTEC

3D printer introduction instructor APISTEC

APISTEC provides 3D printer workshops, in-house training of 3D printer introduction, and 3D printer prototyping services. His vision is “Individual manufacturing” which means everyone can create products based on the individual’s ideas. With his concept, he is promoting new forms of manufacturing.

Haruyo Ono
APISTEC keeps up with 3D printer's latest information and makes proposals to various companies that want to use 3D printers. Anyway, he is very active and has a lot of information. If you want to use a 3D printer, you should consult him!
Output elastic material with 3D printer

Elastic materials can also be output with a 3D printer.


I introduced some of the companies that attended at Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2019. There are also booths specializing in specific projects such as the robot, medical welfare and so on. Also, you can consult staff who is in charge of finding the company you are looking for.

Tokyo International Industry Exhibition is held every year around mid-November. The exhibition schedule and DIAgate diary are distributed in the newsletter. Please register from here.

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