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Mechanical design, product and prototype development. This is a company that was founded by engineers involved in product development at major manufacturers. We offer a wide range of mechanical designs from professional product development such as medical device to mass production for consumers. Prototype production and CAE analysis are also supported.

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TOP3 Products & Services

Labor-saving device design

Labor-saving device design

Developing labor-saving equipment including AI, IT to solve labor shortages. We support labor-intensive industries such as construction, civil engineering, and food and beverage with tools.

Medical device design

Medical device design

Mechanical design of medical devices utilizing experience at medical device manufacturers. Medical examination systems such as mass health screening systems, cardiovascular diagnosis systems, catheter devices, and portable electroencephalographs.

Product development

Product development

We respond to the mechanical design needs of venture companies and non-manufacturing companies that have never experienced product development. Please consult us.

Online catalog

Testing jig for hand press
Testing jig for hand press.
A jig for simultaneously testing multiple objects.
Case for storing electronic components
Case for storing electronic components.
This is a case for adding electronic components to existing products.
Actuator for seat
Actuator for seat.
A unit that expands functions. This saves the position of the car seat.
Cover for air filter
Cover for air filter.
You move the lever to remove dust.

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Company name Fortec Co., Ltd.
Location 6-724-5 Narabashi, Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo 207-0031
TEL TEL +81-42-563-9337
CEO Shinichi Misao
Founded 2012 April
Capital 5 million yen
Business description Mechanical engineering design company including, 3D modeling, design support, manufacturing coordination


Mechanical engineering design that can provide ideas for non-manufacturers
We interviewed Fortec Co., Ltd.’s CEO Shinichi Misao, who is good at mechanical engineering design for non-manufacturers, about the concept of mechanical design and how to generate ideas.