DIAgate updates

9/22/2020 - Factory tours with smartphones and zoom

We currently provide live seminars regarding the conduct of factory tours done online. The platform we use is Zoom application using smartphones. Small factories can show their facilities and factories to attract new customers online without investing big in showcasing their products and processes done. We have tested several smartphones and microphones here in this link: https://www.diagate.net/jp/factory-tour/2020/09/19/tests/. These tests were recorded using the Zoom app, and based on our tests, you can see how well it plays on iPhone with its included earphones with mic. The iPhone has the best performance while using zoom.

9/14/2020 - DIAgate offers article writing for media companies

Japan has the 3rd largest economy throughout the globe after the US and China, when it comes to the measurement on Gross Domestic Products. Japan also has a vibrant economy that is the 2nd to US as far as the technology is concerned. All these things make Japan a center for manufacturing companies and a place for individuals who want to initiate their startups in the business.

DIAgate, a manufacturing news and web media, was created in April 2020 to introduce Japanese manufacturing SMEs' innovation to the world. It is based in Kodaira-city, Tokyo, Japan and now offers to write articles for media companies about manufacturers all around Japan because of wide relationships to manufacturing companies and consultants supporting SME manufacturers.

Interested media companies can contact DIAgate thru facebook at https://www.facebook.com/diagate.japan/ or visit the website at https://www.diagate.net/.